The Story

It is the early 1900's, and Congress has just passed the 18th amendment which prohibits the sale of alcohol. People start buying alcohol from the black market and in pubs known as "Speakeasies". You see that people are willing to pay big money for this, so you decide to jump into the business of supplying alcohol. Your job is the buy alcohol from various cities and sell them elsewhere for profits. You borrow some money from a loan shark and you start up your business.


Your job is to buy alcohol from various cities and sell them elsewhere for profit. Remember the general rule, buy low and sell high. You start off with money borrowed from a loanshark at 20% interest per day. Remember to pay him back or he will hunt you down.


Your business will take you to various cities all over America. Price of alcohol varies from city to city. Remember, you are not the salvation army; you are out to make a profit. You should always sell your alcohol at a price higher that your buying price. You do this by traveling to different cities. You travel to different cities by clicking on the name: Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and Denver. The picture shows you the current city you are in. If the price of alcohol is low, don't sell it at that city. Travel somewhere else and sell it at a higher price.

Buying/Selling Alcohol

This part of the screen lets you buy and sell alcohol. The table shows the type of alcohol available, the market price of the alcohol in the city, how many you can afford, and how many you own. To buy alcohol, select the type of alcohol (Label: A) you want to buy. Then, type in (Label: B) the amount you want to buy. Last, press the buy button (Label: C). Remember, there is a limit of how many bottles of alcohol you can carry.

Selling alcohol almost the same. First select the type of alcohol (Label: A) you want to sell. Then, type in (Label: B) the amount you want to sell. Last, press the sell button (Label: C).


This section displays your stats in the game. This is also where to game messages are displayed. Here is an explanation of the stats:

Money: How much cash you have. You need money to buy alcohol and items.

Debt: How much you are in debt with the loan shark. You can borrow money and repay your debt with the borrow and repay button. Enter the amount you want to borrow or repay and click on the corresponding button.

Carry: How much alcohol you can carry. The first number is the amount you are carrying and the second number is the amount you can carry.

Day: How many days you have been in business.
Weapon: If you have a weapon, you can try to rob a speakeasy. It is risky, but the reward is free alcohol.


Remember to read the newspaper. The newspaper tells you what is going on in the current city.

Special Events

When you arrive at a city, you might encounter some people that are helpful and some that are not. Look out for these people.